Modern Web Design

Web design that look as great on a smart phone as it does on a desktop computer.

Did you know that over 70% of your customers search the web to find you instead of using a Yellow Pages phone book? A web design that works on smartphones is a necessity today.


Chances are you’ve heard of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, but you don’t know how they can help your business. Don’t worry. We can be you navigate new social media trends.


Writing about yourself is hard. Plus, picking local SEO words Google loves is important too. The good news is freelance writing is included with every website so you don’t struggle to find the words.


The right image builds your credibility. In addition to cool website designs, your graphic designer can do logos, signs, billboards, brochures…you name it. Build your brand through beautiful graphics.

21st Century Phone Books

Proper mobile website design... it's like new age phone book advertising that never ends.
Hire a salesperson who never calls in sick and works 24/7 forever.

Phone page directory and print ads are expensive and time consuming. Plus, 70% of your customers search the web before picking up a newspaper or phone book to find you. Go to your buyers AND save money over the life of your business with our Michigan web design company.

Consider this: If you spent a year, every day, advertising in the newspaper the average classified ad is $1700 (or more) and you still need website development. A phone book company will create a web design, HOWEVER, they want $70 a month (or more) forever. That's nearly $850 EVERY year or $2550 for three years!

With us you pay a flat $1300 for six page site and nothing more for the first three years. Plus, unlike other providers, we do everything to get you up & running for that fee, including writing local SEO copy and linking two social media websites. Afterward, the only cost is a yearly web hosting fee, which is currently priced at $125 a year.

  • Pick Your Web Design

    Choose the best website from one of three choices. We'll customize it for your business.

  • Pick Your Services

    Our seo consultant and writer learns your business and creates a home page and 5 SEO pages, turning your site into the ultimate phone book tool.

  • Pick Your Social Media Plan

    Select any two social media outlets and our social media strategist will set it all up, including your Google+ and Yellow Pages set-up.

  • Launch Your Site

    Your one-time fee of $1300 includes the web design, writing the words and three (3) years of hosting. No work is required on your part to get on the web.

Why Do Web Design With Us?

Work with a group that has over a half century of experience collectively in promotions of all kinds off and on-line.
Senior Copywriter
Writing professionally since the late 1980’s, Nadine has worked for a multitude of companies world-wide – from small local businesses to international corporations such as Trivago. Her expertise is in everything from printed marketing materials to SEO web copy.
Creative Director
Since the late 1980’s, Bill has created everything from billboards to tri-fold brochures … and everything in-between for small companies to large corporations. He’s also knowledgeable in web design and graphic elements such as logo design and company branding.
Social Media Coordinator
Eryn has been a professional writer since the age of 17. Furthermore, she is well-versed in the implementation of social media to help small to mid-size businesses achieve greater financial success via online networks.
Graphic Designer
With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University, Bryan brings a modern eye to the designs he provides clients of I Want Marketing. His years of experience include working on projects for small Michigan businesses and individuals, as well as national organizations.


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