Free Web Design Isn’t Really Free

Too often businesses find themselves being taken in by offers of free website design. And while it is true that these providers don’t charge their clients for creating a website, they do charge monthly fees. Sometimes these fees are quite excessive. For instance, some providers start at $70 a month (or more), which can be rather expensive for a company over the long term because this fee never goes away. It’s something they have to pay forever.

That’s why I Want Marketing was created. It’s for those small to midsize companies that are looking to escape monthly fees. It’s single, out-the-door pricing. This type of arrangement is perfect for companies who like no-nonsense approaches to their marketing budgets. Plus, it can be quite beneficial because it’s a money-saving device too.

For example, when the free designer charges a business $70 a month indefinitely that business must pay it every month with no end in sight. At that rate, it ends up being $840 a year for a site they never truly own. In two years, the cost is $1680. And in three years, it’s $2520 total. Again, this scenario never ends. Companies are required to pay $840 (or more) every single year for their website.

However, for an upfront fee of $1300 businesses can have a website where everything is taken care of for them – design and copy. Plus, and this is important, web hosting is provided at no charge for three years. What that means is businesses can save almost half of what they would at providers who build sites ‘for free’. In addition, for those who wish to continue the site, the cost would only be $100 a year based on today’s rate. That fee also covers the renewal of the domain name and the server space.

In a most simplistic of terms, why ‘rent’ your company website when you can ‘buy it’ AND save money?

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