Web Hosting Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Life is complicated enough… Your web hosting shouldn’t be aggravating too.

One of the elements that we want to provide businesses is a no-nonsense approach to being on the web. It’s frustrating dealing with fees for this or fees for that. Especially when all you really want is just a flat-fee website and someone to set up a couple of social media pages. Our model is designed for businesses who simply want to have a home on the web where mobile users can find them via search engines. It also allows businesses who may not be entirely familiar with social marketing to dip their toe in the pond without having to figure out everything there is setting up an account.

There are two reasons why we can do these things for half the price of our competitors (or sometimes more than half).

One, we have a lower overhead. We don’t have to pay countless people when it comes to bringing web promotions to businesses in Southeastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio. In addition, our employees are able to telecommute to work from home… homes, which we should add, are right here in the good old US of A. For those people who are looking for ways to support a local business without spending too much money in the process, I want marketing is that company.

The second reason for our low overhead is our experience. When combining the experience of our staff we have well over a century of knowledge that we use into creating your site. With this knowledge comes speed and accuracy. As a result, we are able to do things quicker and more cost-effective. That means we can take on more clients and have things finished in a timely fashion.

So, here’s the deal: If you currently have a site and you’re paying a monthly fee that will never end, contact us. If you have a site that you’re happy with, that’s okay too. Because the sites that we create can act as a supplement to your existing site. It provides you a better opportunity to reach web searchers so you can turn them into clients. Find out more by exploring our site today.

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