February 8, 2016

Pick Your Site

Web Page Design At I Want Marketing Is Simple…

Pick a great web design concept from one of the samples below, do a short interview about your company and pay $1300, which includes three years of hosting and domain name renewal.

That's it!

Everything is handled for you:

  • Website Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO Page Writing
  • Image Selection
  • Topic Selection
  • Two Social Media sign-ups
  • Google+ AND a free Yellow Page Listing and
  • Gmail set-up (if you need it).

Focus on your business while we focus on ours - creating a smart-phone friendly site with five pages of the most searched topics in our area so you can be found in web searches.

As a Michigan web design company based in Monroe, we've simplified the process of getting your small to medium size business online. In fact, MI web design has never been easier. Pick the site design that you like best and it’s customized to fit your business with beautiful stock photography, your favorite colors, company logo (if you have one) and words from a white hat SEO advertising copywriter. You'll not only look your best, but you'll sound the best too.

Plus, in addition to setting you up on Google+ and the free Yellow Page listing, you'll also be set up on two social media platforms or get free social media strategy tips to improve your existing accounts. When you put it all together, you'll have a professional brand image and a leg up on your competition. Best of all, it’s a straight-forward price of $1300.

After your free three years of hosting you can cancel at that time, if you wish. However, if you'd like to continue you only pay the yearly hosting fee at the time of your renewal (which is currently $125 a year).  Consider this: with other providers who offer 'free' web design you end up paying anywhere from $70 to over $100 a month... forever. That fee they charge never ends. By contrast, IWantMarketing was created to help small businesses compete (and avoid the endless fees syndrome). Check out our price comparison page to see for yourself.

If you've ever thought about getting online, but you're not sure how to do it, contact us. If you have a current website, yet you want to bring in more customers with a new medium of advertising, contact us about one of these 21st century phone books. Anyone can benefit – an established business with great word-of-mouth customers or a brand-new enterprise looking for new clients.

So which site layout can we customize for you? Tell us below today.

wordpress site development

First Sample

Click to see the First Sample

There's nothing quite like a classic, is there? That's why our web design company offers this one. It's ideal for businesses who need new web design yet long for something that harkens back to the early days of the Internet. Still, this style does maintain an appearance you find in relevant, modern sites today. We call it a mix of the old and the new, and just like the other samples here, your web design can be customized with different banner colors, your logo, etc. to match your company brand.


Second Sample

Click to see the Second Sample

Maybe you're looking to create website pages that are fresh for your brand-new company. Perhaps you have a site now but you need a more modern appearance to impress today's smart phone users. This is one of the best designed websites for a variety of businesses because it's so adaptable. While it is geared to fit anyone, often businesses who are in the service industry enjoy this template because it offers a contemporary look while still fulfilling the traditional functions of a website.


Third Sample

Click to see the Third Sample

Are you seeking web page design that offers a bit more energy instead of being strictly business? Then this site is one of the more ideal choices for your enterprise. It's great for those who are in the entertainment industry, food industry or anywhere fun times can be had. This one has a more vibrant, party feel rather than being corporate or industrial based. But again, any business is welcome to use any site found on this page for their site's foundation.

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