We have single-fee pricing rather than a monthly fee. Plus, that price includes everything you need. For instance, some web providers only offer web design and not the words that go on the page. At other times, they offer social media services, like Facebook and Twitter, but do nothing else. Plus, these sites aren’t like traditional sites that have a home page, about page, services page, etc. They are engineered with Google in mind — so each web page of your site can focus on a singular service you offer so they’re targeted more than a conventional website. We call them 21st Century phone books and they are a great option for new companies or those who already have a traditional website yet want more pages to impress Google (or something that looks great on smart phones). Keep in mind that while some sites will offer free web design you pay a monthly fee of $70 or more…forever. That seemed like a rip-off to us. So our business model isn’t built on price gouging our clients every month. It’s made by finding new clients and providing them with great web design they can enjoy for years…without spending years paying for it.