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The WordPress sites created by I Want Marketing come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, with three tier basic pricing you can get on the web without dealing with haggling. You know the price so it’s just a matter of ordering the site you want. And if you’re not sure which one would fit your company best, just ask us. We have our basic packages or we can create a custom site based on your requirements. Contact us today to learn more and check out some of the other clients we’ve helped. 



Bill’s Transmission

Along with a responsive mobile friendly site, Bill also needed a new logo that we provided. He purchased the business from someone else so he wanted to create his own brand.

Art Up

While the gallery does sales on-site, they wanted a wordpress site to sell their pieces online as well. I Want Marketing took photos of the artwork, the gallery, etc. and then set up a shopping cart for online sales.

Detroit Beach Association

Detroit Beach Association came to us with a problem – they have limited office hours. A website would allow residents 24/7 access to important forms, info, etc.. Plus, a new logo also helped separate them from other local associations.


Friends of Companion Animals said someone started a site but they wanted something more modern. Many of their important forms weren’t on the old site so we modernized the process with online forms. we also created promotional materials too that included a logo rework, flyers brochures and postcards.

Alisha’s Photography

Alisha already uses social media (Twitter and Facebook primarily) to help spread the word about her business. Still, she needed a site to host samples in one place that was convenient and easy to update. With a WordPress site like hers she has the power to update it and create galleries without being at the mercy of a webmaster.

Serendipitous Vintage

A work in progress, ‘The Dip’ wanted a web site that they could use to provide basic information about the shop while also creating a place where they could eventually list their goods on ebay, if necessary.

Bearhands Studio

Owner Bryan Jones is also our graphic designer. He needed a website to host his samples and bring in clients. It can also be updated to include shopping cart later. Best of all, he was able to create a site that’s sleek and modern that took days instead of weeks to create.

ESM Photography

ESM Photography is our main source for our on-location photography needs. For this business, online sales aren’t paramount at this point, but it might be in the future. What’s great is this site can be expanded to include digital sales, if required.

Custom Quotes Available

If you have specific needs outside of our three options contact us directly for a quote.

Add your site to our collection by contacting us today.

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