Web Design

When you need a writer for freelance writing of brochures, postcards or even writing websites. there’s a copywriter that’s right for you at I Want Marketing.


Complete Web Development

Writing websites of all kinds

You’ve found a website design service that offers much more than the traditional web page design. IWantMarketing.com is a design firm that pinpoints what people in the area are searching and creates pages aimed at them. It starts when you pick one of three cool website designs from our web design portfolio that we customize to you. You’ll also get local SEO copywriting so you’re not struggling with services you should feature – we’ll write the pages you need so Google and web searchers can find your business. In addition, getting into social media is also included in the price. Plus, we’ll even get you an email address if you want. Now, it’s true a do-it-yourself web design won’t cost you a dime. But trust us…you pay with your time. Do you have days, weeks or possibly months to learn everything in modern mobile website design and social media? Probably not, but that’s okay… web design help and much more is just a click away at the form below.


Michigan Web Design

SEO consultant help

For a flat, one-time-only fee, we handle your online and social media marketing set-up. From there, you get three years of web hosting included. After year three, if you aren’t seeing any sales, you can cancel. Keep this in mind too… Buying American is important to a number of businesses, especially local businesses, like you. What’s wonderful is that by doing your mobile website design with us, you’re supporting a fellow local business that only employs fellow Americans, primarily from your hometown of Monroe, Michigan and the surrounding areas. That makes us the perfect solution for companies seeking a Detroit web design firm since we serve locations such as Monroe, Washtenaw and Wayne County, as well as Toledo, Ohio and Lucas County, OH. Reach out to us today. There’s no cost and no obligation to discuss your web design project, except for a few moments of your time.

Custom Quotes Available

If you have specific needs outside of our three options contact us directly for a quote.

How Much Can You Save?

This web design company was founded when three friends got sick and tired of seeing local companies buying websites that didn’t work on mobile phones or watched them spend thousands on web design that didn’t bother to include social media in any way. Yes, buying a site is an investment, but you’re getting a real deal. Don’t believe it? Check out our comparison page to see what you’re getting for your money with us vs. the ‘other guys’.

What If I Want A Traditional Site?

These sites are meant to be what we call ’21st Century Phone Books’. Your site is filled with services/products that people are searching and not necessarily everything you do. HOWEVER, if you’d like to do a traditional site, prices start at $1500. We’ll be happy to get you a firm quote for a customized web design (and what it includes) by contacting us directly.

Copy Writing

Your choice for a Michigan freelance writer for your next campaign.


Social Media

Get help with setting up your company’s social media strategy.


Graphic Design

Get freelance graphic design help from a Michigan based company.


Contact Us

6131 Sterling, Newport, MI 48166


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