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Quality graphic design companies like I Want Marketing has freelance designers
with decades of experience who are ready to help you with your promotions.



Graphic Designer

Web Design to Printed Materials

Graphic design is just one of the four specialties you’ll find at along with web content, web design and social media marketing. If you have a particular need for something visual that puts you ahead of your competition then we have a graphic designer to get the job done. In addition to web design, you can also have a complete marketing campaign created from beginning to end.

Whether it’s creating your logo, trifold brochures, postcards or designing a roadside billboard, you have someone to do it all. Best of all, you don’t have to run around Southeast Michigan hiring different vendors. , When it comes time to print your graphic design, you’ve got someone who can recommend the best places for deals that you may not find by going it alone. So not only will you have a great design, you might actually save money.



Graphic Design Companies

Serving Monroe & Southeast MI

For some people branding is simply having a business card with your name on it. Others, however, want to build a brand that customers recognize as being one-of-a-kind. If either of these situations sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. For decades, our creative freelancers have helmed successful graphic design companies in Monroe and other areas in the United States. That means if ‘buying American’ is important to you then I Want Marketing is the right choice. 

For those who need a website, you can get one here that includes site hosting for three years. Plus, in addition to quality web graphic design, it also includes writing your web content. Contact us today to learn more about graphic design services and how our talented staff can help you.

Custom Quotes Available

If you have specific needs outside of our three options contact us directly for a quote.

Do I Really Save Money at IWM?

Yes, we are quite aware that buying a site is a major investment for some businesses, but you’re getting a magnificent deal with the packages you’ll find here. In fact, very few web design firms or web content providers offer all-in-one services for an all-in-one price, including content writing and marketing online. Visit our comparison page that shows how we stack up against those ‘other guys’ in the web design business.

What If I Just Need Freelance Graphic Design?

You may already have social media accounts set up and a webpage of your own. You might actually have a copywriter too. All you’re really lacking is a graphic designer. If that’s the case, tell us what you’re looking for design wise and will be happy to discuss your promotion in more detail and provide you a firm quote.

Web Design

Contact a Michigan web design firm for your new smartphone friendly site.


Social Media

Social media marketing for your new start-up or established biz.



Hire a writer for web content or any marketing materials.


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