Social Media Management

Whether you need help setting up a new account or managing one you already have I Want Marketing can help.



Social Media Marketing

New Sign-ups or Management

There’s a lot of talk about social media trends and the relationship between social media and business, so you may be asking yourself, “What is social media marketing?” Truthfully, you don’t have to create the next viral hit that will make national news, but it’s extremely beneficial for companies to have active social media profiles for locals to interact with.

Social marketing is helpful for a few reasons. Many people use social media to research businesses – such as checking addresses, phone numbers, ratings or reviews – and loyal customers, or those who might be interested in your business, can follow you to get updates, reminders, learn about sales and more. It’s an easy way to stay connected with your client base without taking out a large chunk of your marketing budget. Additionally, many social media platforms offer paid advertising with targeted audiences, so you can get your business in front of warmer prospects.



Social Media Strategy

Finding the right networks for you

For a one-time fee, you’ll have your own website, designed and set up with web content entirely written by our experienced website copywriters. Plus, for three years, your hosting is included in that price.  That’s it. There’s no other work done on your part aside from a conversation with us so we can learn more about what you do best.

When you sign up with us, we’ll also set you up on the most efficient social media platforms for your business. For an added monthly charge, we can even manage the profiles so you don’t have to come up with the best social media campaigns on your own. Our writers will create statuses, post photos, and keep the your social media profile buzzing. Contact us today to learn more about social media in business and how it can work for you.

Custom Quotes Available

If you have specific needs outside of our three options contact us directly for a quote.

Can You Really Save Money This Way?

We fully understand that buying a web site is a major investment for some businesses, but you’re getting a wonderful deal at I Want Marketing. In fact, very few web design firms or web content providers offer all-in-one services for an all-in-one price, including social media, marketing online AND web hosting for three years at no charge. Our comparison page shows how we stack up against those ‘other guys’ so check it out today.

What If I Just Need Social Media Strategist?

You may already have all your new social media accounts set up. What you really need is someone locally to help you manage your social media websites. Then again, perhaps you built a site with us, but you don’t have the time or patience to do regular updating yourself. Drop us a line and our professional social media campaign manager will be happy to discuss your social media plan and provide you a firm quote.

Web Design

Reach out to a Michigan web design company for your site.


Graphic Design

One of Michigans’ experienced graphic design companies can help you.


Copy writing

Hire a copywriter for anything from the web to print materials.


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